Aug 22, 2016

Syria children psy-ops disinfo agents self exposing beyond what is scripted

Syria children making headlines in Illuminati media: dropped Omran boy, where's my dad girl
Disinfo agents self-"exposing" beyond what is scripted, the second time without quotes, as a consequence of the BIG LIE technique.

Aug 2016 - Also part of setting the stage for having Erdogan enter Syria to crush the real rebels, using fake rebels as supporters and "oppositors" (alias the fake war on ISIS): 
Psy-ops to divert from tens of thousands of children murdered by nazi air strikes since 2011:
From "palestinian" boy beheaded by fake rebels to, days later, bombed boy dropped on chair by fake first responders.

"Omran, 5-year-old in haunting viral photo" = for dummies
Illuminati psy-op meant to discredit the White Helmets heroes, the first responders digging bodies and rescuing lives from the rubble since 2011.
Meant to have psy-ops "commenting" "Sad/weird that White Helmets were more intent on using the boy for a photoshoot than comforting him".
Mockery went as far as to reuse the same fake rebels of Nouredinne al Zinki casted days earlier in the beheading of the "palestinian" boy, an episode of same type as the main dish served with ISIS: beheaded.
Obviously almost immediately after "exposed" by the Illuminati web of disinfo.

The BIGGER the LIE the more people will believe it but ... 
The infiltrators playing rebel supporters focus on the Omran psy-op.
Many of them went as far as to keep it on top of their twitter page since it was staged, Aug 17, while mixing it with reports on real crimes.
... the easier it is ALSO to expose it.
By apllying the "BIGGER the lie ..." the illuminati are also more obviously exposing not only their agents as infiltrators but also how they use another BIG LIE technique: half-truths.

Aleppo 2016: Why illuminati media started to partly show the genocide
In the last months illuminati media no longer conceals that every day dozens of children are murdered by air bombins in besieged east Aleppo.
This is a "collateral damage" caused by another psy-op: "UN, Russia and USA working for a ceasefire", alias the last attempt to have the rebels surrender by:
- pushing psychological the effects of war by terror to the utter limits, which also includes some of the utter destruction ...
- hoping that this will totally demoralize the population.

Why there are no limits to child psy-ops
Oct 12 - two months after Omran and already at the stage of bunker busting bombs against the homes of Aleppo's children:
BBC shows east little girl covered in blood under the headlines "Aleppo: Where is my dad?", meant to be later "exposed" as the "it was not in Aleppo" fraud.
So how come the illuminati continue to serve these type of child psy-ops as the ultimate bunker bombs stage was already reached?
The answer: the audience no longer consists of humans, as at the End of the Age they were all reduced to beasts.

"Palestinian" boy beheaded
Jul 21, 2016 - Zinki fake rebels claim "we are worse than ISIS" before beheading the child (full video was removed, EGFogohr0-4)
blurred version:  - sound track: 

Omran playing bombed child:
22 Aug 2016 - For one time one of the main twitter sources for Assad's "victories" in the war by terror shows a "victim":
"This how treat a child after getting bombed? Throw him on a chair & starting taking good pictures right?"
Two months later: An infiltrator playing rebel supporter has the psy-op photo on top of the page since it was staged, Aug 17, while continuing to report on real crimes.
Aug 17, 2016 - Illuminati web of disinfo at work, immediately "exposing the conspiracy":
Photographer of Bombed Syrian Boy, Pictured/on Video With Militant Rebels Who Cut the Head off a Young Child.
Oct 11, 2016 - Aleppo: "Where is my dad? by BBC "news"

Jul 17, 2016 - What was exposed worldwide only by the same Prophet who predicted it:
What will happen the day after the 2016 summer Olympics ends
The day after the 2014 winter Olympics ended "Putin entered Crimea" - The day after the 2016 summer Olympics ends Erdogan will enter Syria to crush the rebels fighting Assad under the cover of fighting ISIS and YPG,
It's called Illuminati parallel scripts.
Illuminati parallel and reversed scripts: Day after Olympics:: Syria 2016 is CRIMEA 2014 remake: Erdogan plays role of fake Putin

From 2013 Aug: Syria: Illuminati media, shows, other than directly marketing Assad & his butchers with interviews: only fake rebels (ISIL), fake fights, fake terror attacks, fake activists, fake victims.
In other words: it totally censors reality: real victims, real rebels, real bombings) 
Illuminati Media: Syria war: media shows only fake rebels, fake fights and Assad & his butchers while reality totally censored

See fact #3 at:
Basic facts about human cattle - self explains why reading it won't have you weep about yourself
Facts listed 2008, each one illustrated with examples, last updated Feb 2016 with recent ones.
Humans reduced to beasts fattenable for slaughter: Human cattle: Basic facts self explains why reading it iwon't have you weep about yourself

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