May 9, 2006

Avian flu pandemic hoax: pigeons in cities alone exposes it

After reading Last Prophet's words from May 2006 it will be clear why 
- the illuminati started the pandemic series with avian flu and switched to swine flu only later, the first time that the hoax was renamed.
- Jan 2016, as the virus is renamed one last time, from ebola to ZIKA, it's about babies born with reduced heads alias brains.

The avian flu and the BIG LIE technique
The bigger the lie the easier it is to expose it.
The super virus pandemic hoax belongs to the category "biggest lies", since by definition it supposedly might affect anyone in an environment where birds are present.
There's not a beep about pigeons in the same illuminati media and state organizations used to scare the human cattle, although there are pigeons in all cities.
This simple fact is all it takes to expose the avian flue as hoax.

Why avian and not a name more openly mocking the human cattle?
At first sight it seems that 
- the ideal name to launch the super virus pandemic hoax to panic the human cattle would be bovine or swine flu.
- the reason to chose birds is a higher panic potential (birds are everywhere). 
But if you know how the illuminati use the commandment of truth in plain sight to prove that almost all humans are cattle then it's easy to get the real reason for selecting the avian option:
prove that human cattle isn't able to add 1+1, in this case pigeons + cities.

Avian influenza
While its most highly pathogenic strain (H5N1) had been spreading throughout Asia since 2003, avian influenza reached Europe in 2005, and the Middle East, as well as Africa, the following year
On January 22, 2012, China reported its second human death due to bird flu in a month following other fatalities in Vietnam and Cambodia.
Companion birds in captivity and parrots are highly unlikely to contract the virus, and there has been no report of a companion bird with avian influenza since 2003. Pigeons do not contract or spread the virus.
84% of affected bird populations are composed of chicken and farm birds, while the 15% is made up of wild birds according to capture-and-release operations in the 2000s, during the SARs pandemic.

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One year later, not a beep yet about pigeons


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