Sep 11, 2015

Election repeated Turkey Greece parallel reverse script before Brexit

Last Prophet's words (revised) from Sep 11 2015, one week before the illuminati "victory" in Greece.
In other words: nine months after the illuminati "defeats" in the January 2015 "election" and two months after the "NO" to "EU austerity" in the "referendum".

Elections repeated psy-op technique: Overview
- Introduction - updated Jul 18, 2015
- urning illuminati "defeats" into "victories"; BIG LIE and suicide bombers
- 2015: Greece sets two milestones
- contrast Greece with Turkey: parallel reverse scripts

Introduction - updated Jul 18, 2015
After reading it you'll kwow that defeat and victory are enquoted in title for two different reasons. As for the power of End Times Reductionism:
You willl also know nearly EVERYTHING about politics in
1. - Turkey and Greece.
Missing detais include the staged coup in Turkey, see added link in the Basics section.
2. - UK, Portugal and Venezuela, although they are each mentioned only once in article's body.
Missing detais include fake deaths, from Chavez 2013 to Jo Cox 2016;
Costa, since November 2015 prime-minister in Portugal plays additiionally the same role in setting the stage for the manhunt for non-whites as the muslim mayor of London additionally does for muslims.
3. - every other nation of the IV Reich, although they are not mentioned even once in article's body.

Elections repeated: turning illuminati "defeats" into "victories"; BIG LIE and suicide bombers
Staging a previous "defeat" to be soon turned into a victory is a psy-op technique based on "the bigger the lie the more people will believe it" foundation of the BIG LIE framework.
In other words: the introductory step, the defeat, is meant to make the coming victory more credible.
The technique is also based on having those who supposedly inflicted the defeat to the illuminati start to push their role as suicide bombers to new limits immediately after. Goals:
- to enforce the "coming victory is credible" agenda.;
- to decisevely discredit the cause that was supposedly victorious in the first step.

Repeat elections technique: Examples of suicide bombers casted as victorious
All these illuminati actors started or will start immediately after their "victory" to blow themeselves up:
Maduro in Venezuela since 2013, Tsipras Greece since January 2015, coming remke of Greece in Portugal with "leftist" Costa, coming Brexit victory.

Elections repeated technique: 2015: Greece sets two milestones 
For the first time the illuminati
1. stage not one but TWO introductory defeats before the soon coming victory.
2. will stage their victory is as "defeat". In other words: in the coming September election and unlike the January election and the result of the July referendum, Tsipras will fail to form an "anti-austerity" government.

Greece; coming illuminati victory: why Tsipras will remain prime minister afterwards
1. 80% of the greeks will not accept the pre-Tsipras parties
2. Tsipras role will be to push his suicide bomber to new limits. Goals:
- destroy the credibility of the "opposition"
- have greeks swallow "austerity" pushed to new limits that would otherwise lead to a dangerous uprising.

Elections repeated 2015: contrast Greece with Turkey: parallel reverse scripts
"Elections" totally rigged, all parties controlled by the illuminati, same as in the rest of the IV Reich.
Tsipras first ilflicts a defeat to the illuminati, not once but twice: January election and 60% (in reality 80%) in the referendum, or in other words both times "anti-austerity" absolute majority.
Two months later a new election where the script has the illuminati agents playng anti-austerity
- failing to get the absolute majority
- forced into an alliance with a "right wing" party and so push the robbery of greeks even further, continuing to use the same mockery: Greece's sovereign debt".
2015 two elections: coming repetition will turn "Erdogan's defeat" in Jul 2015 with 42% of the votes and failure to get absolute majority into a victory.
Reality Erdogan got just over 21% of the votes, similar to what Cameron got in the UK and was served as "37%, enough in the UK for absolute majority".
Turkey: Parallelism to Greece:
- elections repeated to turn an illuminati defeat into a victory
- both Tsipras and Erdogan remain in office after their failure to get an absolute majority
Turkey; Reverse to Greece:
- Erdogan, unlike Tsipras, doesn't play suicide bomber.
- Erdogan remains in office after illuminati's "defeat", Tsipras remains in office after illuminati's victory

Turkey 2015: repeat elections theater: "kurdish parties" play a key role in marketing the fraud:

Turkey: FAKE Coup attempt, Illuminati theater, SCRIPT exposed: suppress sunni opposition to Syria Invasion

Reminder from Last Prophet's words from Aug 2015:
Kirchner, Roussef, Morales, Maduro, suicide bombers transferring national assets to central illuminati safes dressed as "leftists": ALL will now FULLY detonate.
For a start: Argentina: Crisitna Kirchner blows herself up weeks before Maduro in Venezuela.
Venezuela is the ultimate example for treason, as expected from the BIG LIE framework,
The "globalized" economy is based on oil. To get why Venezuela, one of the oil richest countries in the world, "is basically bankrupt again", start with this:
Venezuela: illuminati suicide bomber Maduro about to FULLY detonate

Transfer of greek and portuguese assets to EU alias to illuminati central safes reaching levels similar to Russia and african countries:
Greece: Debt *MORE* than TOTAL HOAX, it's illuminati fulfilling BLACK is WHITE

Talk of "election" psy-ops:
Sep 2016 - Bosnian Serbs: referendum on national holiday: Illuminati THEATER for BLACK is WHITE

Boris Johnson, Trump: BOTH illuminati suicide bombers casted also as scary clowns: half echoed by illuminati media

Elections repeated, in the world of repetition:
Dec 4, 2016 - "Italia referendum to transfer more powers to the prime-minister": same day as "Austria: first far-right president in Europe since Hitler".
What is this illuminati joke about? Answer: the day in 1934 when Germany's chancellor Hitler became "Fuehrer des III Reiches".

Jul 31, 2015

Windows 10 spies on you by default: half-truth technique

"‘Incredibly intrusive’: Windows 10 spies on you by default" illustrates the half-truths technique, part of the BIG LIE.
What matters is "exposed" is just a mean to have the audience swallow the core lie.

"How to stop the Windows 10 Upgrade from downloading on your system" = Illuminati mocking human cattle while diverting from the ONE BASIC FACT about Windows.
Reality: as soon as you start an internet connection on any Microsoft (Windows) or Apple (OS X) operating systems illuminati are able to access ALL the contents of any devices connected to your computer, as exposed by Prophet more than a decade ago.

RT, the member of the illuminati web of disinfo with the largest audience:

How to stop the Windows 10 Upgrade from downloading on your system

MICROSOFT: SPY Algorithm was revealed years ago - but who echoed it?

Mar 31, 2015

Yemen "proxy war" hoax: if it will apparently become a half truth it will still remain a "black is white" BIG LIE

Syria and Yemen wars, same as every other battle of World War III: 
IV Reich military (NATO, Russia, Iran, etc) air bombing and/or supplying ground troops and weapons to suppress the revolt of freedom loving people.
Differences are details such as:
1. Iran vs Saudi roles
- Syria: second battle (Iraq was the first) that Iran entered playing a leading role on the ground
- Yemen: first battle that Saudi Arabia entered playing a leading role in the air
2. Roles played by puppets acting as presidents
- Syria: IV Reich tries to prevent a puppet from being deposed, Assad; 
- Yemen: IV Reich tries to reinstall a puppet, Saleh, who 2012 had to be "deposed" and replaced with another puppet, in this case Hadi. Same basic type of illuminati theater as 2013 in Egypt, Morsi with Sisi.

Saudi Arabia enters Yemen war air bombing in a leading role - for dummies
To get the real script all you need is these two basic facts: 
1. Iran has been an illuminati puppet government for even longer than Saudi Arabia, where illuminati only got complete control after the "1973 oil crisis".
2. 2014: Yemen's president Hadi's role was to let the illuminazi agents dressed as "Houthis" take control.

"Yemen proxy war" - the two underlying BIG lies
1. Saudi and Iran government are enemies.
2. Deposed president Hadi (by Houthis, now officially allied with Saleh) and deposed president Saleh (previously replaced by Hadi) are enemies.

"Saudis wage war against Houthis to reinstall deposed president Hadi" : BIG LIE and BLACK is WHITE
To get why it's a BIG LIE all you need is another BIG LIE: "Yemen proxy war Saudi vs Iran".
These headlines also illustrate the ultimate type of rewriting reality, "black is white": the fake war will be used for a real war, bombing the real rebels who are fighting against the "Houthis".

Yemen: Saudi vs Houthis theater: outcome of the real war against the real rebels ("BLACK is WHITE") could apparently reduce the fake war (BIG LIE) to only a half-truth...
IF against all odds the fake rebels ("Houthis") will not be able to defeat the real rebels (Southern Popular Movement) ...
THEN the fake war "Saudi led coalition against the Houthis" will be used to send ground troops and indeed reinstall puppet Hadi in Aden, as last resort to prevent freedom fighters to take power.
Paradoxically in this case the BIG LIE in BLACK is WHITE "Saudi Arabia starts air strikes to reinstall deposed president Hadi" would apparently become only a half-truth.

Yemen "news": mix of SIMULATED REALITY and black is white, mix of real and fake blood.
The only military targets will be the REAL rebels (called "Qaeda by media) NOT the FAKE "rebels" that media calls Houthis.

Yemen: why Saudi led coalition will air bombs civilians everywhere
The main goal depends on which area in Yemen:
- in the south, Aden: carry out the genocide of sunnis.
- in the north, Sanaa: have the masses rally behind the "Houthis".
Secondary goals: use war crimes by the saudis to:
1. Yemen war: divert from the war crimes of "Houthis"
2 Saudi Arabia: advance the agenda "saudi government playing suicide bomber", scripted to end with yet another staged coup, again with puppets playing sunnis replaced by puppets playing sh'ia.
In other words: have 
- first all the UN and "humanitarian" organizations denounce the Saudi crimes (this is also part of the preciously mentioned Yemen war diversion agenda). 
- later use these crimes (for one time real) to stage the "trial of Saudi government by the Hague Internationl Court for War Crimes".
3. Global: agenda "war through bombings against civilians" as the new norm.
In other words: until the staged regime change in Saudi Arabia the government will continue to be praised by US, UK & Co, starting with the hoax "again the #1 buyer of western weapons".

Last Prophet's words from Oct 2014 and Feb 2015 explaining in advance:
- the Yemen coup 2014 as a remake of the Syria coup 1970, with illuminati using the shi'a minority to secure control.
- Hadi's staged escape from Sanaa to Aden as a stoppver before the final staged escape to Saudi Arabia, in a remake of the role of fake Yanukovich in the staged Maidan revolution in the Ukraine.

Fake sunnis of Saudi Arabia gov illustrate to what lengths illuminati agents playing suicide bombers go before their full detonation:
Staged days before the 2015 Hajj stampede hoax:
Mecca Haj: crane kills 111 faithful : ZERO DEAD mockery, hidden 111 symbology.
"The disaster, the latest in a series of deadly mishaps to hit the haj" part of these agendas: destruction of icons of false religions, END of SHOW.
Mockery staged as :
- Bin Laden family runs company of crane that crashed on 9/11 2015.
- crane crashes on roof, doesn''t even break apart, so no logical reason for anyone to be killed.