Apr 28, 2004

The BIG LIE Technique

The BIG LIE framework

The bigger the lie the more serious are the conclusions in case you admit that it's a lie.
This simple fact is used by evil in the following way :
  • an always BIGGER LIE is told. Always more people will believe it.
  • to calm down troubled minds (with more difficulties to believe the BIG LIE), alibi alternatives are unofficially presented. To make these self cooked "conspiracy theories" and the associated alibi alternatives more credible, parts of the lie will be revealed. In the extreme case almost everything, to make thje troubled minds believe the rest (the objective of the big lie).
  • No matter how ridiculous these alternatives, these minds will be williing to swallow these alibis, since this provides a way to refuse a reality that would be for them TOO horrible.

Objectives of the BIG LIE

Not only since the nazis, this technique in a totalitarian framework (total control of the medias, terror, the BIG LIE is constantly propagated without being questioned), proved to be one of the the most efficient mind control techniques.  Cases are staged to
  • destroy the natural values  (that is, to make people believe that the good is evil and vice versa, aka as brainwashing)
  • mystify the consequences of the destruction of those values
  • mystify the objectives of the system
  • frighten - or if necessary, to eliminate - the opposition
Brainwashing and fear are the bases for the control of the mind.

Thermometer for how brainwashed are the masses

We are living today the largest brain washing campaign of the history of humanity - a handful of conspirators control all governments of NATO and their lackeys, as well as everything what it is propagated by the mass media, till the last line or word. To measure the dimension of the lie, how easy it is to expose and the percentage of those who believe it or decide to swallow it, as sleeping pill - this is a good barometer to measure the zombie status of the masses. This is the message of the story "the emperor's new clothes" of Hans Christian Andersen.

Timothy McVeigh and Slobodan Milosevic - the two ultimate examples of the nazi BIG LIE technique

There is no evidence whatsoever both against Timothy McVeigh and Slobodan Milosevic (all the pieces of evidence have proved beyond any suspicion to be manufactured). Yet nobody states these simple facts : they are both totally innocent.
Remark that these boards are one of the best informed free access communities in the Internet.
How is this incredible situation possible, in a forum where all the facts have been presented ? The answer is : in both cases the BIG LIE technique was used.
  • In the case of Milosevic it was using of the word genocide linked to the number 100,000 (victims of Milosevic). If you admit that Milosevic is innocent then you also must realise that Hitler would pale in comparison with the people manufacturing such lies (by the way, Milosevic played the main role in a series of events where the nuclear holocaust was postponed).
  • In the case of McVeigh it was "leaking" information that could only lead to the conclusion that if McVeigh was innocent than the government had to have done it.
The results of this technique lead to people to say typically - in its mildest form - :
  • Milosevic is an unpleasant thug, but he is not guilty of the crimes the West has accused him of
  • McVeigh is guilty. But there's a cover-up. We need to know who helped him.
Controling minds is just like building bridges - based on well-known techniques.
---- Source - posted to CNN boards, by Matt Marriott, May 1999 First archived by Web archive, Aug 27, 2001

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